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Production First performed Venues
Phèdre Palace Theatre (London, Greater London, England)
Phaedra Merton College (Oxford, County of Oxfordshire, England)
Phèdre Chateau Vallon (France)
Phèdre (1677) 1677 Hôtel de Bourgogne (Paris, Île-de-France, France)
Fedra (1825) 1825 Bolshoi Theatre (Saint Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburg, Russian Federation)
Phèdre (1846 - 1853) 1846 St James's Theatre (London, Greater London, England)
Phèdre (1865) 1865 Theatro Boukoura (Athens, Attica, Greece)
Phèdre (1866) 1866 Odéon (Paris, Île-de-France, France)
Phèdre (1895 - 1905) 1895 Royal Lyceum Theatre (Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland)
Phèdre (1896) 1896 Demotiko Theatro, Municipal Theatre (Athens, Attica, Greece), unknown venue (Athens, Attica, Greece)
Phèdre (1906) 1906 Lyric Theatre (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States)
Phèdre (1921 - 1923) 1921 unknown venue (Paris, Île-de-France, France), unknown venue (Berlin, Land Berlin, Germany), Kamerny Theatre, Chamber Theatre (Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation)
Phèdre (1930) 1930 Arts Theatre (London, Greater London, England)
Phèdre (1946) 1946 unknown venue (England)
Phèdre (1954) 1954 Covent Garden (London, Greater London, England)
Phedre (1957) 1957 Mahatma Gandhi Hall of Indian Students YMCA (London, Greater London, England)
Phèdre (1960) 1960 Savoy Theatre (London, Greater London, England), Ancient Odeion of Herodes Atticus (Athens, Attica, Greece)
Phaedra (1961) 1961 Catholic University of America (Washington, District of Columbia, United States)
Phaedra (1967) 1967 Questors Theatre (London, Greater London, England), Minack Theatre (Porthcurno, County of Cornwall, England)
Phaedra (1969) 1968 Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) (London, Greater London, England)
Phèdre (1974) 1974 Slovensko Narodno Gledališče Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia)
La Repetition de Phedre (1974) 1974 unknown venue (Israel)
Phaedra Britannica (1975) 1975 Old Vic (London, Greater London, England)
Phaedra (1976) 1976 unknown venue (Syracuse, New York, United States)
Phaedra (1977) 1977 La MaMa e.t.c., Experimental Theatre Club (New York City, New York, United States)
Chariots of Fire (1977) 1977
Phèdre (1978) 1978 University of California (Irvine, State of California, United States)
Phèdre (1979) 1979 Théâtre Marie-Stuart (Paris, Île-de-France, France)
Phèdre (1981) 1981 unknown venue (Japan)
Phèdre (1982) 1982 RO Theater, Theater Rotterdam (Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands)
Phedra (1984 - 1985) 1984 Aldwych Theatre (London, Greater London, England), Old Vic (London, Greater London, England)
Phaedra Britannica (1988) 1988 unknown venue (United States)
Phaedra (1988) 1988 unknown venue (Austin, Texas, United States)
Ode to Phaedra (1995) 1995 unknown venue (United States)
Phädra (1995) 1995 Landestheater Schwaben (Memmingen, Bavaria, Germany)
Phèdre aux trois visage, d'Euripide, Racine, Ritsos (1997) 1997 Théâtre Prémol (Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes, France)
Fedra (1997 - 1998) 1997 Ancient Site of Carnuntum (Petronell-Carnuntum, Lower Austria, Austria), Teatras ITD (Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia)
Fida (1998) 1998 unknown venue (India), unknown venue (Pakistan)
Phèdre (1998) 1998 Royal Festival Hall (London, Greater London, England)
Phèdre (1998) 1998 King's Theatre (Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland)
Phèdre (2000) 2000 unknown venue (England)
Phaedra (2002) 2002 Publiekstheater (Gent, Flanders, Belgium)
Phèdre (2002) 2002 University of Chicago (Chicago, State of Illinois, United States)
Phèdre (2002) 2002 unknown venue (Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation)
To You Birdie! (2002) 2002 Riverside Studios, Hammersmith (London, Greater London, England), Kaaitheater (Brussels, Brussels Capital Region, Belgium), Theater Bellevue (Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands)
Phaedra (2002) 2002 Riverside Studios, Hammersmith (London, Greater London, England)
Phaedra (2002) 2002 Snape Maltings Concert Hall (Aldeburgh, County of Suffolk, England)
Phedre (2002) 2002 Théâtre Déjazet (Paris, Île-de-France, France)
Phaedra (2003) 2003 Royal Albert Hall, Albert Hall (London, Greater London, England)
Phèdre (2003) 2003 MuseumsQuartier (Vienna, Vienna, Austria)
Script Contributors Year Relationship
Phaedra Robert Lowell Adaptation
Phaedra Kenneth Muir Translation
Phaedra Britannica Tony Harrison Adaptation
Phaedra George Rochberg Adaptation
La Médée de Saint-Médard Anca Visdei Distant relative
Phèdre Paul Schmidt
Phèdre Ted Hughes Adaptation
Phaedra Frank McGuinness Adaptation
Script Contributors Year Relationship
Hippolytos Euripides Adaptation

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