The Children of Heracles (2003)

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Start date: 
17 July 2003
End date: 
24 August 2003
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Mark Adams Artist credited as Scenic Artist
Jack Banning Actor Iolaos
Ken Bryant Actor Chorus
Linda Castro Producer
Linda Castro Dramaturg
Michael Cullen Actor son of Heracles
Rhona Gold Actor Alcmena
George Gonzalez Set Designer
Rhys Green Actor Demophon
Doug Hoehn Actor Chorus
Diep Huynh Actor Servant
Celeste Innocenti Costume Designer
Celeste Innocenti Music
Celeste Innocenti Actor Chorus
Kevin Koppman-Gue Actor son of Heracles
Dale Morris Actor Eurystheus
Dale Morris Producer
John Padilla Actor Copreus
Shannon Partrick Actor Macaria
Anahid Shahrik Choreographer
Anahid Shahrik Actor Chorus
Caleb Sharp Actor son of Heracles
George Soete Actor Chorus
Sally Stockton Lighting Designer
Delicia Turner Sonnenberg Director
Venue Festival Dates Notes
6th @ Penn Theatre (San Diego, State of California, United States) 16 July, 2003 to 23 August, 2003

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