Edipo Re (1967)

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3 September 1967
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The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival on 3 September 1967; IMDb lists international release dates as: Argentina, 28 August 1968; France, 9 October 1968; UK, 13 December 1968; Poland, April 1969; West Germany, 13 June 1969; Mexico, 2 October 1969; Finland, 4 December 1970; Greece, 24 September 1971 (Thessaloniki International Film Festival); Sweden, 27 April 1978; East Germany, 6 January 1984.
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Julian Beck Actor Tiresia
Carmelo Bene Actor Creonte
Franco Citti Actor Edipo
Ninetto Davoli Actor Messaggero
Silvana Mangano Actor Giocasta
Pier Paolo Pasolini Actor High Priest
Pier Paolo Pasolini Director
Venue Festival Dates Notes
unknown venue (Venice, Veneto, Italy) 2 September, 1967 Venice Film Festival
unknown venue (Republic of Italy)
unknown venue (Venice, Veneto, Italy) 2 September, 1967 Venice film festival

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