Agamemnon (1952)

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Start date: 
5 September 1952
End date: 
5 September 1952
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Wilhelm Leyhausen Director
Anne-Marie Loose Artistic Director
Anne-Marie Loose Actor Clytemnestra
Achim Ludwig Actor Agamemnon
Werner Schreib Masks
Eberhard Spiess Actor Aegisthus
Klaus Wendling Actor Messenger
Bettina Werner Actor Cassandra
Hans Wirth Actor Watchman
Source Format Location if held at the APGRD Pagination
World Theatre. Vol.III.2 (c.1954). The Other Theatre Journal b&w image on 9
Agamemnon in Performance: 458 BC to AD 2004 Book library fig. 19.1, 380-382
II Delfiade festival - detailed programme Book archive pp. 40-43

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