Bacchae (1993)

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Start date: 
25 June 1993
End date: 
18 September 1993
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Danny Austin Actor Lion
Alan Barlow Designer
Wayne Best Actor Guard
Barbara Bryne Actor Chorus Leader
Richard Curnock Actor Teiresias
Marion Day Actor Chorus
Philippa Domville Actor Chorus
Ted Dykstra Actor Pentheus
Karen K. Edissi Actor Chorus
Colm Feore Actor Dionysus
David Hogan Actor Bull
Bernard Hopkins Actor Messenger
Melanie Janzen Actor Chorus
Gary Kulesha Composer
Monique Lund Actor Chorus
Kerrin Mehagan Actor Chorus
Kristina Nicoll Actor Chorus
Lucy Peacock Actor Chorus
Nicholas Pennell Actor Kadmos
Natalie Sebastian Actor Chorus
Donna Starnes Actor Chorus
Mari Trainor Actor Chorus
David William Director
Shawn Wright Actor Dragon
Janet Wright Actor Agave
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Stratford Shakespearean Festival (Stratford, Ontario, Canada) Stratford Festival of Canada (1993) 24 June, 1993 to 17 September, 1993 in the Tom Patterson Theatre

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