Oresteia (1926)

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22 November 1926
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The dancers came from the de Valois School of Choreographic Art in London which had opened in March 1926 (Cornwell, p.115). Denis Arundell was named as the musical director but it seems he reisgned before the production opened.
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Hedley Briggs Actor Leader of the Furies
Ninette de Valois Choreographer
Maurice E. Evans Actor Orestes
Terence Gray Artistic Director
Terence Gray Set Designer
William Hampton Masks
Gordon Jacob Composer
Reginald Leefe Costume Designer
Miriam Lewes Actor Clytemnestra
Mark Pasteur Conductor
Doria Paston Actor Athena
Doria Paston Set
Herbert M. Prentice Director
Marion Prentice Actor Cassandra
Herbert M. Prentice Set Designer
C. Harold Ridge Lighting
Torin Thatcher Actor Clytemnestra
Donald F. Tovey Composer
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Festival Theatre, Newmarket Road, Theatre Royal (Cambridge, County of Cambridgeshire, England) 22 November, 1926 the inaugural production at this venue

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