Electra (1939)

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13 December 1939
End date: 
14 December 1939
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With a Dance Chorus of seven and a Vocal Chorus of eleven. This adaptation draws on von Hofmannsthal's German adaptation of Sophocles.
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Person Role Notes
Jean Browning Actor Chrysothemis
Florence Hagenah Actor Clytemnestra
Virginia Haglin Actor Electra
Marian O'Keefe Actor Orestes
Mary K. Smith Actor Aegisthus
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Smith College (Northampton, Massachusetts, United States) 13 December, 1939 to 14 December, 1939 in the Students' Building
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Smith College, Mass.: Dramatics Productions, alphabetized (1883-1949) Print-out archive
Electra Photocopy archive
Smith College Press Board Photocopy archive

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