Mind the Gap (2001)

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Start date: 
7 November 2001
End date: 
15 December 2001
Degree of relationship to ancient play: 
Distant relative
Media of production: 
Dutch; Flemish

Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Sara De Bosschere Actor Antigone
Roeland Fernhout Actor Eteokles / Koor
Janni Goslinga Actor Mnemosyne
Marieke Heebink Actor Medea
Erik Kouwenhoven Set Designer
Celia Nufaar Actor Klytaemnestra
Alwin Pulinckx Actor Polyneikes / Koor
Gerardjan Rijnders Director
Wim van der Grijn Actor Oidipoes / Wachter
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About Western Man and the 'Gap' that is Constantly Threatening Him Offprint library 81

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