Oedipus the King (1910)

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14 May 1910
End date: 
14 May 1910
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
James Turney Allen Academic Adviser
James Turney Allen Actor Oedipus
Howard H. Ashley Actor Tiresias
Clifford W. Jones Actor Shepherd
Howard Krueger Actor Priest of Zeus
Ivan M. Linforth Actor Leader of the Chorus
George Manship Actor Creon
John Knowles Paine Composer
Carl A. Phleger Actor Servant of Oedipus
Leigh Stafford Actor Jocasta
Paul Steindorff Musical Director
Charles D. von Neumayer Director
Venue Festival Dates Notes
University of California (Berkeley, State of California, United States) 14 May, 1910 in the Greek Theatre

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