Bakches (1962 - 1963)

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Start date: 
17 June 1962
End date: 
27 July 1963
Degree of relationship to ancient play: 
Media of production: 
Greek, Modern (1453-)

Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Ioannis Apostolidis Actor Teiresias
Manos Chatzidakis Composer
Maria Chors Choreographer
Antonis Fokas Costume Designer
Lykourgos Kallergis Actor Kadmos, a shared role
Vasilis Kanakis Actor Pentheas
Kleovoulos Klonis Set Designer
Alexis Minotis Director
Alexis Minotis Actor Kadmos, a shared role
Alexis Minotis Choreographer
Katina Paxinou Actor Agavi
Nikos Tzogias Actor Dionysos

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