The Bacchae (2000)

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9 March 2000
End date: 
18 March 2000
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Esther Benz Actor Teiresias
Victoria Bradbury Masks the masks were made by the actors under the guidance of Bradbury
Tanya Dougherty Actor Agaue
William Dowd Set Designer
Matthew Dyall Actor Pentheus
Greg McCart Director
Tahnee McIlwraith Costume Designer
Shannon Parsons Choreographer
Lucas Stibbard Actor Kadmos
Kate Wilson Actor Dionysos
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Toowoomba Quarry, Bridge Street (Toowoomba, State of Queensland, Australia) 9 March, 2000 to 18 March, 2000

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