The Girl from Samos; or The In-Laws (1971)

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27 July 1971
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Betty Baskcomb Actor Wife of Nikeratos
Felix Felton AKA Robert Forbes Felton Actor Nikeratos, Winn-all
William Fox Actor Parmenon, Trusty
Olwen Griffiths Actor Plangon, Dolly
Madi Hedd Actor Chrysis, Treasure
Ronald Herdman Actor Cook
Carleton Hobbs Actor Demeas, Love-all
Christos Pittas Conductor
Christos Pittas Composer
Raymond Raikes Producer
John Rye Actor Moschion, Lad
John Theocharis Actor A Singer in Athens, as Choros
Venue Festival Dates Notes
unknown venue (England)

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