The Oresteia (Part 1 The Home Guard; Part 2 Daughters of Darkness) (1999 - 2000)

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1 December 1999
End date: 
15 April 2000
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Lilo Baur Actor Nurse / Cassandra / Electra
Robert Bowman Actor Elder / Herald / Pylades / Hermes
Nigel J. Edwards Lighting Designer
Michael Gould Actor Elder / Agamemnon / Apollo
Sebastian Harcombe Actor Elder / Aegisthus
Anastasia Hille Actor Nurse / Clytemnestra / Trojan Slave
Paul Hilton Actor Watchman / Elder / Orestes
Melissa Holding Actor Pianist / Accordionist / Elder / Trojan Slave
Ted Hughes Writer
Wendy Kweh Actor Nurse / Trojan Slave
Struan Leslie Choreographer
Ineke Lievens Actor Nurse / Trojan Slave / Cilissa
Katie Mitchell Director
Vicki Mortimer Designer
Joy Richardson Actor Nurse / Trojan Slave / Athena
Asta Sighvats Actor Iphigenia / Trojan Slave
Joe Townsend Actor Violinist / Elder
Venue Festival Dates Notes
National Theatre (NT), Royal National Theatre (RNT) (London, Greater London, England) 1 December, 1999 to 31 March, 2000 in the Cottesloe Theatre
du Maurier Theatre Centre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) du Maurier World Stage Festival (2000) 10 April, 2000 to 14 April, 2000
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