The Bacchae (1960)

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19 February 1960
End date: 
27 February 1960
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The performance of The Bacchae in London was preceded by Something Unspoken, from Garden District by Tennessee Williams.
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Richard Beale Actor Pentheus
Alan Bennion Actor Messenger, in Edinburgh
Jo Hall Costume Designer
Donald Kirkman Actor Cadmus, in London
David Morgan Actor Herdsman
William Phillips Actor Dionysus
Adrian Rendle Actor Messenger, in London, and Cadmus, in Edinburgh
Michael J. Rose
Michael Rose Set Designer
Alice Spaul Actor Agave
John Stuart Actor Teiresias
David Thompson Director
Tom Tillery Actor Captain of the Guard, in Edinburgh
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Tower Theatre (London, Greater London, England) 19 February, 1960 to 27 February, 1960 four further performances were given in London in October 1960
Pollock Memorial Hall (Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, Scotland) Edinburgh International Festival & Festival Fringe (1960) 28 August, 1960 to 2 September, 1960

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