Eschyle, Sophocle, Euripide, tome I (extraits) tome II (pièces choisies) (1894)


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Aimé Puech (1860-1940) Translator
Prose translations by Aimé Puech. These schoolbooks were published as two volumes in the same series ('Extraits des classiques grecs et latins traduits en français') but the second is not a sequel to the first. Both aim at providing an introduction to Greek tragedies but in different ways. Volume one begins with a twenty-pages treaty on tragedy and Aristotle's Poetics followed by a brief presentation of a number of plays from which passages are translated in prose. Aeschylus: Les Suppliantes, Les Sept contre Thèbes, Agamemnon, Les Choéphores, Les Euménides. Sophocles: Ajax, Electre, Oedipe Roi, Oedipe à Colone, les Trachiniennes, Philoctète. Euripides: Electre, Oreste, Médée, Hippolyte porte-couronne, Iphigénie en Tauride, Les Bacchantes. Volume two is both a complement and a different approach, since it gives full translations in prose of four plays not featured in the first book: Prométhée Enchaîné, Les Perses, Antigone and Iphigénie à Aulis. Both books are available online: volume I (29/03/12) volume II (29/03/2012).
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Paris: G. Masson, 2 vol.

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