Tragédies de Sophocle traduites en français par M. Artaud (1827)


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Nicolas Louis Marie Artaud (1794-1861) Translator
Prose translation by Nicolas Louis Artaud. According to Delcourt's severe jugement, Artaud's translation of Sophocles' extant plays was not an improvement on Guillaume de Rochefort's (1788), it nonetheless has an impressive publishing history with no less than nine different revised editions before 1869. The earliest listed in the catalogue of the Bibliothèque Nationale dates from 1827 (Paris: Brissot-Thivars). It was reedited twice by Lefèvre, in 1841 and 1842, and by Charpentier in 1857, 1862, 1867 and 1869. In 1893, a selection of Artaud's translations of Sophocles and Euripides were used in a textbook (meant for the last year of Collège, 'troisième moderne') along with La Porte du Theil's Eschyle. Artaud's OEdipe Roi was reprinted in 1930 with illustrations by Jean Lébédeff under the title 'La tragique histoire du Roi Oedipe' (Abbeville: Paillart, Paris: A l'enseigne du pot cassé). In 1933, Fayard published separately OEdipe Roi and OEdipe à Colone and lastly, in 2000, Les Ed. Mille et une nuits reedited Artaud's OEdipe Roi revised by Jérôme Vérain. Sources: BNF catalogue général, Delcourt, Marie. Etude sur les traductions des tragiques grecs et latins en France depuis la Renaissance. 1925, p.228-231.The fifth edition (1859) is available online: (02/12/2011) and (29/08/2012).
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Paris: Brissot Thivars, 2 vols

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