Bacchae (1928)

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7 August 1928
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The choruses were danced by pupils of the dancer Mary Wigman of Dresden. The Star-Camp was a meeting place for followers of the cult leader Jiddu Krishnamurti until 1939; in 1941 it was turned into a concentration camp, with the first prisoners arriving in June 1942.
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Person Role Notes
Major Alec Cathcart Bruce Actor Pentheus
Major Alec Cathcart Bruce
Duilio Cambellotti Masks
J. M. Duncan Actor Messenger
Maurice Farquharson Actor Dionysus
Mary Hay Actor Agave
Elsbeth May Actor Speaker of Chorus
Herman Roelvink Actor Teiresias
Herman Roelvink Director
Peter van Hoboken Chorus Direction
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Star-Camp (Ommen, Provincie Overijssel, Netherlands) 6 August, 1928 performed once, in the open-air, before an audience of 3000
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The Bacchae of Euripides Programme
Letter from [Herman Raebunk?] to Gilbert Murray Correspondence
Three b&w photographs B&W photograph

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