Phormio (1972)

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1 January 1972
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Information related to this production

Script Author(s)
Phormio Terence
Person Role Notes
David Bernstein Actor Geta
John Bevan Actor Clerk
Humphrey Birley Actor Porter
Nicholas Brown Actor Cratinus
Timothy Gardam Actor Chremes
Robin Griffith-Jones Actor Demipho
Peter Gysin Actor Dorio
Peter Knox Actor Clerk
Robert Ledger Actor Phaedria
Nicholas Longford Actor Sophrona
Charles Low Actor Nausistrata
Robert Murphy Actor Crito
Piers Murray-Hill Actor Antipho
Augur Pearce Actor Slave
Nicholas Rothwell Actor Porter
William Taunton Actor Phormio
Simon Ubsdell Actor Hegio
Philip Wareham Actor Davos
Theo L. Zinn Director

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