Electra (1906)

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Start date: 
16 January 1906
End date: 
24 March 1906
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This was the première of Murray's translation.
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Henry Ainley Actor Orestes
J. H. Barnes Actor Old Man
Gwendoline Bishop AKA Mrs Clifford Bax Actor Chorus
Lewis Casson Actor Castor
Harley Granville Barker Director
Harley Granville Barker Director
Hubert Harben Actor Messenger
E. Harcourt Williams Actor Orestes
Amy Lamborn Actor Chorus
Frederick Lloyd Actor Pylades
Vera Longden Actor Chorus
Violet Myers Actor Chorus
Edyth Olive Actor Clytemnestra
Stratton Rodney Actor Peasant
M. Saumarez Actor Chorus
Gertrude Scott Actor Leader of Chorus
Elaine Sledall Actor Chorus
Theodore Stier Composer
Hazel Thompson Actor Chorus
Penelope Wheeler Actor Chorus
Edith Wynne-Matthison Actor Electra
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Royal Court Theatre, Court Theatre (London, Greater London, England) 16 January, 1906 to 24 March, 1906 two runs: 16 January-2 February and 12-24 March

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