Hippolytos (1998)

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Start date: 
22 July 1998
End date: 
22 July 1998
Production notes: 
This performance of selected choral lyrics and scenes from Hippolytos was the first part of An Evening of Vibrant Dance & Music from Greece, Bali & Java. The performance was followed by a suite of Greek folk dances, and a short recital of rebetika and other popular songs.
Media of production: 
Choreographic work (dance, ballet, mime etc)
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Information related to this production

Script Author(s)
Hippolytos Euripides
Person Role Notes
Gordana Bliss Actor Chorus
M. J. Coldiron
M. J. Coldiron Choreographer Topeng movement
M. J. Coldiron Masks
Dolja Dragasevic Actor Artemis / Chorus
Hilda Prazeres Eusebio Actor Hippolytos / Chorus
Gillian Forshaw Actor Theseus / Chorus
Untung Hidayat Choreographer
Megan Kraut Actor Chorus
Kate Lascelles Actor Aphrodite / Chorus
Helen Lockett Prop Maker / Properties
Catherine Manser Actor Phaidra / Chorus
Fiona Marchant McPherson Actor Chorus
Mick Moore Lighting
Anak Agung Gede Ngurah Masks
Christina Papageorgiou Designer
Christina Papageorgiou Prop Maker / Properties
Irini Samiotaki Costumes responsible for making the costumes
Debby Turner Actor Chorus
Yana Zarifi - Sistovari AKA Yana Sistovari / Yana Zarifi
Yana Zarifi - Sistovari AKA Yana Sistovari / Yana Zarifi Director
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Faculty of Music (Cambridge, County of Cambridgeshire, England) 21 July, 1998

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