A Diet of Women (1971)

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1 October 1971
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Person Role Notes
Lynda Bellingham Actor Woman of Athens
Raewyn Blade Actor Woman of Athens
Nick Chelton Lighting
Derek Damon Actor Woman of Athens / Man of Athens
Despo Actor Woman of Athens / Alderwoman
Sharon Gurney Actor Woman of Athens / The Girl
Charles Hyatt Actor Chremes
Merdelle Jordine Actor Woman of Athens / Second Slave Girl
Lesley Joseph Actor Woman of Athens / First Slave Girl
Lynda La Plante (1946-) AKA Marchal Actor Woman of Athens / Old Woman
Jennifer Lee Actor Woman of Athens / Old Woman
Jenny Logan Actor Woman of Athens / The Heraldette
Yanis Markopoulos Composer
Andy Mulligan Actor Man of Athens
Paul Prescott Actor Woman of Athens / Man of Athens
Malcolm Rennie Actor Blepyros / Citizen
Jason Rose Actor Neighbour / Slave
Robert Swales Actor The Boy / Man of Athens
Dorothy Vernon Actor Praxagora
Minos Volonakis Designer
Minos Volonakis Director
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A Diet of Women Programme archive
A Diet of Women: director's notes Programme insert archive
Life support Newspaper cutting archive
Letter from John Blundell to Peter Brown Photocopy archive
Programme: A Diet of Women (Leeds Grand Theatre) Programme archive

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