Antigone (1961)

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Start date: 
26 June 1961
End date: 
1 July 1961
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Media of production: 
Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
J. J. Blackham Actor Haimon
Anthony J. Bowen Director
Guthrie Carvalho Set Designer
A. P. C. Chesterman Actor Ismene
P. C. Collins Actor Antigone
R. H. Q. Henriques Actor Chorus Leader
A. G. Lenox-Conyngham Actor Teiresias
W. H. Merricks Actor Guard
Robin Orr Composer
C. J. M. Peters Actor Messenger
Dora Raeburn Costume Designer
Michael C. Scott-Joynt Actor Kreon
R. B. Taylor Actor Eurydike
I. G. C. White Actor Coryphaeus
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Bradfield College (Bradfield, West Berkshire, England) Bradfield Greek Play (1961) 25 June, 1961 to 30 June, 1961

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