Galatea, Myrrha, Philomel (2017)

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Start date: 
3 March 2017
End date: 
26 June 2017
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Production notes: 
Two separate performances by Marie-Louise Crawley, as APGRD Artist in Residence (Jan-June 2017), at the Ashmolean Museum. The first, 'Philomel', was performed as part of the Ashmolean Museum's LiveFriday: Supersonic (3 March 2017); the second, 'Likely Terpsichore? (Fragments)' (including the pieces 'Philomel', 'Galatea', and 'Myrrha') was performed before the public in the Ashmolean on Sunday 25 June 2017, and again to an invited audience (attendees of the APGRD Postgraduate Symposium) when the Museum was closed to the public on Monday 26 June 2017. Pieces were developed through improvisation and workshopping
Media of production: 
Choreographic work (dance, ballet, mime etc)
Ancient works:

Information related to this production

Script Author(s)
Metamorphoses Ovid
Person Role Notes
Marie-Louise Crawley Choreographer
Marie-Louise Crawley Dancer
Marie-Louise Crawley Adaptor
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Ashmolean Museum (Oxford, County of Oxfordshire, England) 24 June, 2017 to 25 June, 2017 Likely Terpsichore? (Fragments)
Ashmolean Museum (Oxford, County of Oxfordshire, England) 3 March, 2017 Philomel performed at LiveFriday

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