Oresteia (1959)

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Start date: 
20 June 1959
End date: 
15 September 1959
Degree of relationship to ancient play: 
Production notes: 
In Epidaurus Agamemnon was performed on 20 June, with Choephoroi and Eumenides on 21 June. In Athens also the production was delivered over two evenings, except on 12, 13, and 15 September when the entire trilogy was delivered each night.
Media of production: 
Greek, Modern (1453-)

Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Th. Andriakopoulos Actor Chorus Leader (Ag.)
G. Apostolidis Actor Agamemnon
V. Deligianni Actor Chorus Leader (Eum.)
Despo Diamantidou Actor Pythia, a shared role
Antonis Fokas Costume Designer
Vasilis Kanakis Actor Aigisthos
Pitsa Kapitsinea Actor Elektra / Chorus Leader (Eum.)
Kleovoulos Klonis Set
Thanos Kotsopoulos Actor Orestes
Thanos Leivaditis Actor Pylades / Apollo, both shared roles
Petros Lochaïtis Actor Chorus Leader (Ag.)
Gkely Mauropoulou Actor Athena
Maria Moscholiou Actor Chorus Leader (Eum.)
Athanasia Moustaka Actor Nurse
Eleni Nenedaki Actor Chorus Leader (Eum.)
Menelaos Pallantios Composer
Menelaos Pallantios Conductor
Kakia Panagiotou Actor Kassandra
Stelios Papadakis Actor Pylades, a shared role / Chorus Leader, Ag.
Nikos Papakonstantinou Actor Chorus Leader (Ag.)
Dimitris Papamichael Actor Apollo, a shared role
V. Papanikas Actor Chorus Leader (Ag.) / Slave (Choeph.)
Dimitris Rondiris Director
Loukia Sakellariou Chorus Direction
Anna Synodinou Actor Klytaimnestra
Olga Tournaki Actor Chorus Leader (Eum.)
G. Vassalou Actor Chorus Leader (Eum.)
Dimitris Veakis Actor Chorus Leader (Ag.)
Stelios Vokovits Actor Herald
Eleni Zafeiriou Actor Pythia, a shared role
Pantelis Zervos Actor Guard

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