Oreste (1783)

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13 August 1783
Degree of relationship to ancient play: 
Distant relative
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Opera, musical and related genres
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Information related to this production

Script Author(s)
Orestes Euripides
Person Role Notes
Maria [Marina] Balducci (?1758-after 1784) Singer Elettra
Teresa Benvenuti Singer Ermione
Antonia Buonocore AKA Bonocore Costume Designer
Pietro Capone Stage Combat, Duels, Fencing (master, director, choreographer of)
Domenico Chelli Scenographer
Domenico Cimarosa (1749-1801) Composer
Domenico Mombelli (1751-1835) Singer Menelao, tenor
Angelo Monnani (c.1740- after 1796) AKA 'Manzoletto' Singer Pilade, contralto castrato
Francesco Roncaglia (c.1750- after 1812) Singer Oreste, soprano castrato
Antonia Rubinacci Singer Nearco
Luigi Serio (1744-1799) Librettist

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