Antigona (1789)

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1 January 1789
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Distant relative
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Libretto: an adaptation of Marco Coltellini's 'Antigona' (Sartori ID 2089): 'Antigona. Tragedia per musica da rappresentarsi nel Teatro Grande alla Scala il carnevale dell'anno 1789. Dedicata alle LL.AA.RR […] arciduca Ferdinando […] e […] Maria Ricciarda Beatrice d'Este (Milan: Giovanni Battista Bianchi). This production was based on an adaptation of Marco Coltellini's libretto which had been first set by Tomasso Traetta for St Petersburg in 1772 (see Sartori ID 2089). The opera was performed during the carnival season of 1789 (between Christmas and Lent). This production featured three independent ballets by Gasparo Angiolini which were performed during intervals: 'Fedra' (Production ID 10650), 'Lorezzo', and 'Divertimento campestre'. Choir: 20 choristers
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Opera, musical and related genres
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