M. Myrat

Contributions made by this person

Production Role Notes First performed Venues Companies
Antigone (1903) Actor Haimon 1903 Demotiko Theatro, Municipal Theatre (Athens, Attica, Greece) Nea Skini of Konstantinos Christomanos [New Stage]
Oresteia (1911 - 1912) Actor Herald 1911 Theatro Marika Kotopouli (Athens, Attica, Greece), unknown venue (Istanbul, Istanbul Province, Turkey) Company of Marika Kotopouli
Iphigeneia en Aulidi (1966) Actor Klytaimnestra 1966 unknown venue (Perth, West Australia, Australia), unknown venue (New Zealand), unknown venue (South Africa) Etaireia Archaiou Dramatos [Company of Ancient Drama]