Performing Pindar

Friday, January 11, 2019 - 3:00pm
Nancy Felson (Georgia)
Helen Eastman (Theatre Director)
Alex Silverman (Composer)
MBI Al Jaber Building, Corpus Christi College, Oxford

A performance directed by Helen Eastman with music by Alex Silverman, and public lecture by Nancy Felson (Georgia): 'What would Cyrene say? Strategies of Silencing and Elision in Pindar Pythian 9'.
The performance-lecture event is the culmination of a week-long workshop exploring how different performance styles and genres could be applied to Pindar.

Event Recording

A recording of this event is held in the APGRD archives; copies cannot be made, shared, or broadcast, but it can be watched for research purposes, on request, at the APGRD. See Visit Us for information about making an appointment.

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Further Development

In November 2020, the Performing Pindar project developed into 'Old Victories, New Voices': an online lecture-concert, led by Nancy Felson and performed by the Live Canon Ensemble. It features new music by composer Alex Silverman and lyricist Helen Eastman, and collaboration with drummer, Barbara Allen. It can be viewed on Live Canon's YouTube channel:
Screenshot from lecture-concert, linking to YouTube