Abbey Theatre (Dublin, Munster, Republic of Ireland)

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Format: 2024
Format: 2024
Production First performed Companies Ancient works performed
Playboy of the Western World (1907) 1907 Oedipus the King
Juno and the Paycock (1924) 1924
Oedipus the King (1926) 1926 Oedipus the King
Oedipus at Colonus (1927) 1927 Oedipus at Colonus
King Oedipus (1973) 1973 Oedipus the King
The Sanctuary Lamp (1975) 1975 Agamemnon, Eumenides, Choephoroi (The Libation Bearers)
Living Quarters (1977) 1977 Abbey Theatre, Dublin Hippolytos
Antigone (1986) 1986 Antigone
The Cure at Troy (1990) 1990 Field Day Theatre Company Philoktetes
The Trojan Women (1993) 1993 Abbey Theatre, Dublin Trojan Women
By the Bog of Cats... (1998) 1998 Abbey Theatre, Dublin Medea
Medea (2000 - 2003) 2000 National Theatre of Ireland Medea
Iphigenia at Aulis (2001) 2001 Abbey Theatre, Dublin Iphigenia at Aulis
Ariel (2002) 2002 Abbey Theatre, Dublin Iphigenia at Aulis, Agamemnon, Choephoroi (The Libation Bearers), Eumenides
The Burial at Thebes (2004) 2004 Abbey Theatre, Dublin Antigone
The Bacchae of Baghdad (2006) 2006 Abbey Theatre, Dublin Bacchai
By the Bog of Cats... (2015) 2015 Abbey Theatre, Dublin Medea
Oedipus (2015) 2015 Abbey Theatre, Dublin Oedipus the King
Na Peirsigh (2024) 2024 Abbey Theatre, Dublin Persai (Persians)

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