Andrie (1555)


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Bonaventure Des Périers (1501-1544) Translator
This translation in octosyllabic verse was attributed to Bonaventure Des Périers by early bibliographers such as Beauchamp, Goujet, Niceron and the author of the Bibliothèque du théâtre François, principally because the Traité des quatre vertus by Des Périers is included in the same 1555 volume as the Andrie (for a refutation of this attribution, see Lawton pp.460-469). The first edition is reported to date back to 1537 but Lawton in 1926 and, before him, the editor of the 1861 edition of Des Périers' complete works doubt the existence of this earlier copy. Sources: Lawton, Harold W. Térence en France au seizième siècle, éditions et traductions. 1926, p.553-554; and the 1861 edition of l'Andrie by Louis Lacourt (in Oeuvres françoises de Bonaventure Des Périers, vol. 1, p.188) (13/02/2012).
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Lyon: Thibaut Payan
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