Therence en francois, prose et rime, avecques le latin (1500)


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Gilles Cybille Translator
Guillaume Rippe Translator
Illustrated volume in which each of the six comedies is translated both in prose and in verse. Lawton gives 1500-1503 as a date range (p.352) and attributes the prose translation to Guillaume Rippe and the verse translation to Gilles Cybille. Not only does he demonstrate that the two translations are by two different translators (and that neither of them is Octovien de Saint-Gelais, bishop of Angoulême), he also shows that they did not work from the same edition of the Latin text. The prose translation was composed considerably earlier than its publication date. The bibliothèque Nationale holds a manuscript copy of it bearing the date 1466 (BNF Nouvelles acquisitions françaises, 4804). The whole volume was reprinted in 1539 (Paris: G. de Bossozel, Paris: T. Kervel) under the title 'Le grant Therence en françois, tant en Rime que en prose'. Sources: BNF catalogue général and Lawton, H.W. Térence en France au 16ème siècle. 1926, pp.350-425, 553. First edition available online (08/08/12).
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Paris: Antoine Verard

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