Oedipus at Colonus (2004)

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Start date: 
8 April 2004
End date: 
25 April 2004
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Jack Banning Actor Oedipus
Beth Bayless Actor Antigone
Jim Chovik Actor Polynices
Robin Christ Actor Ismene
Douglas Easterly Dramaturg
Eric Lotze Lighting Designer
Gerard Maxwell Actor Chorus
Michael Moerman Actor Chorus
Shulamit Nelson Costumes
Joe Nesnow Actor Creon
Marcus Netherton Actor Guard
Von Schauer Actor Theseus
Matthew Scott Set Designer
George Soete Actor Chorus
Jeff Wells Stage Manager
George Ye Director
Michael York Actor Guard
Venue Festival Dates Notes
6th @ Penn Theatre (San Diego, State of California, United States) 7 April, 2004 to 24 April, 2004

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