Electra (2005)

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21 February 2005
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Lenka Chválová Dramaturg
Viktor Dvořák Actor Orestes, a shared role
Linda Jiříkova Set Designer
Jan Konečný Actor Pylades
Eva Lecchiová Actor Chorus
Marek Nĕmec Actor Orestes, a shared role
Zuzana Onufráková Actor Chorus
Roman Pallas Composer
Marian Roden Actor Aigisthos
Daniel Špinar Director
Rudolf Stärz Actor Teacher
Jana Stryková Actor Electra, a shared role
Dana Syslová Actor Klytaimestra
Natálie Topinková Actor Electra, a shared role
Monika Zoubková Actor Chrysothemis
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Divadlo v Celetné (Prague, Hlavní město Praha, Czech Republic) 21 February, 2005
Source Format Location if held at the APGRD Pagination
Staging of classical drama around 2000, Villa Lanna, December 1-3, Prague 2005 Conference programme archive

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