The Frogs (1947)

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Start date: 
18 February 1947
End date: 
22 February 1947
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Production notes: 
Earlier in February, J. T. Sheppard introduced scenes from the play given in ancient Greek on the BBC Third Programme (see ID 472).
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Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
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Information related to this production

Script Author(s)
Frogs Aristophanes
Person Role Notes
H. M. Barclay Actor Frog
C. D. Biddell Actor Speaker
A. M. Bishop Actor Euripides
J. Boardman Actor Maiden
C. S. Choidas Actor Aeacus
D. T. C. Clark Actor Frog
B. C. Cubbon Actor Staff of Aeacus
D. H. C. de Montgomery Actor Bier-Carrier / Landlady
L. R. Dodd Actor Xanthias
P. D. R. Gardiner Actor Dionysus
L. A. Grint Actor Staff of Aeacus
H. F. Guite Actor Maiden / Maidservant of Persephone
M. F. Ingham Actor Staff of Aeacus
S. D. Ingham Actor Staff of Aeacus
Walter Leigh (1905-1942) Composer
J. Lowe Actor Priestess of Demeter
R. J. Lubbock Actor Charon
R. Macnaghten Actor Bier-Carrier / Plathane
H. B. Mattingley Actor Frog
D. J. Mothersill Actor Donkey
P. B. Ongley Actor Heracles
Robin Orr Musical Director
A. T. Owen Actor Maiden
M. Peters Actor Frog
B. Polack Actor Frog
K. F. Quinn Actor Pluto
R. J. Reddecliffe Actor Staff of Aeacus
P. A. Robertson Set Designer
A. D. Rogers Actor Frog
Sir John T. Sheppard AKA J. Sheppard Director
Sir John T. Sheppard AKA J. Sheppard
M. R. Snowden Actor Corpse / Staff of Aeacus
J. L. Spencer Actor Donkey
J. P. Stubbs Actor Maiden
I. T. Thompson Actor Staff of Aeacus
P. F. Williams Costume Designer also designed the wigs
J. D. Wilson Actor Iacchus / Muse of Euripides
B. W. M. Young Actor Aeschylus
J. D. Younie Actor Speaker
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Arts Theatre (1936-) (Cambridge, County of Cambridgeshire, England) Cambridge Greek Play (1947) 18 February, 1947 to 22 February, 1947

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