Epidicus (1502)

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1 February 1502
End date: 
28 February 1502
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One of the five plays performed at the wedding festivities of Lucrezia Borgia and Alfonso d'Este: Asinaria (ID 7951), Bacchides (ID 7954), Casina (ID 7969), Epidicus (ID 7965), and Miles Gloriosus (ID 7982). 110 costumes were used in these wedding plays, a fact which Duke Ercole displayed publicly so that there would be no suspicion that any costumes were reused in more than one play. This unusual venue was employed because the Sala Grande was being used during the wedding festivities for balls and feasts. Duke Ercole had previously given instructions that better 'spettacoli' should be put on that those Lucrezia was likely to have seen in Rome. These would have included those put on in Rome to mark her departure for Ferrare.
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