Adelphi (1960)

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1 January 1960
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Script Author(s)
Adelphoe (The Brothers) Terence
Person Role Notes
E. L. Arnold Actor Micio
R. V. Aston Actor Stephanio
D. R. W. Bethge Actor Phrygia
N. Bevan Actor Demea
Peter G. McC. Brown Actor Bacchis
Michael B. McC. Brown Actor Dromo
H. S. Davies Actor Canthara
J. P. Fawdry Actor Ctesipho
N. D. St. G. Greenhill Actor Aeschinus
E. B. L. Matthews Actor Parmeno
J. N. S. Murray Actor Sostrata
D. R. Myring Actor Hegio
T. D. B. O'Hagan Actor Storax
B. D. Postan Actor Obstetrix
R. N. Serpell Actor Syrus
S. J. W. Squires Actor Geta
A. L. Vogel Actor Sannio
A. J. T. Willoughby Actor Pamphila
Theo L. Zinn Director

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