Frogs (1968)

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3 May 1968
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Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
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Script Author(s)
Frogs Aristophanes
Person Role Notes
Peggy Adams Actor Landlady II
Elizabeth Berle Actor Swimming Frog
Andrea Biren Actor Singing Frog
Pamela Booz Director
Pamela Booz Actor Xanthias
Cynthia Bower Actor Singing Frog
Sue Ciani Composer
Liz Coffin Actor Swimming Frog
Michael Cornog Actor Nekros
Mary Cornog Actor Dionysus
Neva Cram Actor Singing Frog
Betty Demy Actor Swimming Frog
Katherine Geffcken Actor Faculty Frog
Beth Gray Actor Singing Frog
Diane Harrington Actor Singing Frog
Roz Hayhurst Actor Guard
Carol Hunt Actor Swimming Frog
Mary R. Lefkowitz
Mary R. Lefkowitz Actor Faculty Frog
Barbara McCarthy Actor Landlady I
Evangeline Morphos Actor Singing Frog
Katy Noble Actor Singing Frog
Ellen Reeder Actor Persephone's Maidservant
Sally Regan Actor Guard
Karen Robinson Set
Karen Robinson Lighting
Renee Scarpitto Actor Singing Frog
Cynthia Shilling Actor Singing Frog
Connie Snow Actor Swimming Frog
Froso Stournas Actor Aeacus
Dee Swain Actor Singing Frog
Carol Washington Actor Singing Frog
Nancy Wiggers Director
Nancy Wiggers Actor Heracles
Sally Willis Actor Swimming Frog
Heidi Winslow Actor Charon
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Wellesley College (Wellesley, Massachusetts, United States) 2 May, 1968
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