Antigone (1919)

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28 November 1919
End date: 
29 November 1919
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Margaret M. Campbell Actor Attendant on Eurydice
Elisabeth Christie Actor Leader of Chorus
W. G. Craigen Actor Creon
Charles Davidson Actor Sentinel
Helena M. Davidson Actor Second Messenger
Margaret K. Ferguson Actor Eurydice
William Gunn Actor Leader of Senators
A. Parry Gunn Director
G. R. Harvey Actor First Messenger
Stella G. A. Henriques Actor Ismene
W. B. Jack Actor Attendant on Creon
Beatrix B. Law Actor Attendant on Tiresias
R. G. McKerron Actor Attendant on Creon
Felix Mendelssohn Composer
Frances G. Mordaunt Actor Antigone
Charles J. Royston Actor Tiresias
C. W. Walker Actor Haemon
Dorothy Wark Actor Attendant on Eurydice
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Music Hall (Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, Scotland) 28 November, 1919 to 29 November, 1919 3 performances

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