Electra (2003)

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14 June 2003
End date: 
30 August 2003
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The Stratford Ontario Festival Company staged Agamemnon (ID 5818), Electra (ID 5908), The Flies (ID 6041), and Aristophanes' Birds (ID 5909) during this season.
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Sarah Dodd Actor Electra
Peter H. Judd Translator assisted La Farge with the translation
Phyllis La Farge Translator translated Giraudoux's play into English
Karen Robinson Actor Clytemnestra
Leon Rubin Director
Lorenzo Savoini Set Designer
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Stratford Shakespearean Festival (Stratford, Ontario, Canada) Stratford Festival of Canada (2003) 13 June, 2003 to 29 August, 2003 in the Studio Theatre

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