The Frogs (1972)

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Start date: 
30 June 1972
End date: 
31 July 1972
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Greek, Ancient (to 1453)

Information related to this production

Script Author(s)
Frogs Aristophanes
Person Role Notes
Deane Dight Actor Initiate / Frog Chorus
Philip Esler Actor Initiate / Frog Chorus
Anne Fitton Actor Call Girl
Anne Fitton Costumes
Graeme Ford Actor Pluto / Initiate / Frog Chorus
Michael George Actor Corpse
Philippa Giesekam Actor Landlady
Greg Giesekam Actor Aeacus
Gillian Hadley Set
Michael Hayes Actor Initiate / Frog Chorus
Chris Henning Actor Aeschylus
Elizabeth Hodges Actor Dionysus
Richard Hunter Actor Herakles
Bill Kavanagh Writer wrote and delivered the Parabasis
Bill Kavanagh Actor Initiate / Frog Chorus
Ian Lowery Composer
Ted Marr Actor Charon
Frances Muecke Director
Frances Muecke Actor Empusa
Bruce Murray Actor Plathane
Kathy Oakes Actor Initiate / Frog Chorus
John Roberts Actor Xanthias
Malcolm Rogers Director
Judy Salvestro Actor Initiate / Frog Chorus
Tim Sommerville Actor Initiate / Frog Chorus
Steven Spurr Actor Euripides
Deb Ward Actor Initiate / Frog Chorus
Ross Weaver Actor Initiate / Frog Chorus
Venue Festival Dates Notes
University of Sydney (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia) in the Wallace Theatre
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The Frogs Photocopy archive
The Frogs Photocopy archive
Performances of Greek and Roman Drama in New South Wales Book library

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