The Acharnians (1933)

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1 January 1933
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A touring production.
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Stuart Evelyn Abbott Actor Nicarchus / Odomantian Army
George Edmund Allison Actor Dicaeopolis
Thomas Fellowes Barker Actor Pseudartabas / Daughter / Megarian's Daughter
Charles Richard Beddington Actor Chorus
Oliver Sydney Bell Actor Messenger / Odomantian Army
John Douglas Beloe Actor The Ambassador
James Guy Bramwell Actor Megarian / Ballet
Peter John Ambrose Calvocoressi Actor Cephisophon / Megarian's Daughter
Fred Guthrie Carpenter Actor Persian / Chorus
W. A. Collidge Actor Elephant
Robert Kingston Davies Actor Lamachus
Clarence John Molyneux Fletcher (b.1910) Actor Wife (alternating with Hope)
Marcus Campbell Goodall Actor Prytaneis / Chorus
Richard Purdon Heppel Director
Sir Archibald Philip Hope Actor Wife (alternating with Fletcher) / Messenger / Elephant
John Frederic Hope-Simpson Actor Chorus
Herbert Ingram (1912-1980) Actor Herald (alternating with Ludlow-Hewitt)
Edmund Rawle Valpy Knox Actor Odomantian Army / Chorus
John Roger Inglesant Lee Actor Amphitheus / Messenger
M. Lings Actor Chorus
Henry Christopher Rainey Ludlow-Hewitt Actor Herald (alternating with Ingram)
Lewis Crommelin Masefield Actor Messenger
John Roderick Theodore Niemeyer Actor Prytaneis / Chorus
Thomas Somerville Roberts Actor Boor / Persian
Norman Richard Seddon Actor Chorus
Charles Simpson Actor Elephant
Lawrence Thorne Stevenson Actor Theorus
John Ashley Wells Actor Boeotian / Odomantian Army
J. H. C. Whitehead Actor Prytaneis / Chorus
Archibald Duncan Wilson Actor Euripides / Ballet
Archibald Duncan Wilson designed the programme
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Whitgift School (Croydon Grants, Greater London, England) 4 July, 1933

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