Hippolytus (1926)

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Start date: 
23 June 1926
End date: 
5 July 1926
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
John Edward Bowle Actor Artemis, a role shared with Johnstone
David Cairns Actor Chorus Member
R. D. Davies Actor Theseus
Austin Farrer Actor Chorus Member
Austin Farrer Set Designer
James Fergusson Actor Messenger
John Niemeyer Findlay Actor Chorus Member
F. D. E. Fremantle Actor Aphrodite / Chorus
Inglis Gundry Actor Huntsman
Colin Graham Hardie Actor Chorus Member
Kenneth Johnstone Costumes
Kenneth Johnstone Actor Artemis, a role shared with Bowle
Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer Actor Phaedra
Francis William King Actor Chorus Member
S. Kirby Actor Chorus Member
Philip Mason Manager
Philip Mason Actor Nurse
Paul Maurice Laurence Nairac Actor Chorus Member
André Nairac Actor Chorus Member
Walter F. Oakeshott Actor Hippolytus
Cecily Peele drew the design for the programme
N. G. Pehrson Actor Chorus Member
Denis Hubert Fletcher Rickett Actor Chorus Member
H. Spitzer Actor Chorus Member
Jack A. Westrup Composer
Morris S. Whitehouse Producer
Morris S. Whitehouse Actor Chorus Member

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