Acharnians (1914)

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Start date: 
18 February 1914
End date: 
24 February 1914
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Original language
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Greek, Ancient (to 1453)

Information related to this production

Script Author(s)
Acharnians Aristophanes
Person Role Notes
Cyril Bailey Director
W. G. K. Boswell Actor Lamachus
G. I. Campbell Actor Dicaeopolis' Daughter
E. F. Clarke Actor First Messenger
M. D. Colbourne Actor Boeotian
E. O. Coote Actor Megarian
G. F. Elton Actor Informer
A. G. R. Garrod Actor Coryphaeus
W. R. Hay Actor Cephisophon / Lamachus' Servant
S. H. Hewett Actor Pseudartabas
G. W. S. Hopkins Actor Herald
E. F. Jacob Actor Euripides
B. A. James Actor Amphitheus
Ernest R. Jones Set Designer
A. Lawrence Actor Second Messenger
A. Lawrence Designer designed the programme
D. W. Llewellyn Jones Actor Dicaeopolis
Hilda Lorimer Costume Designer
G. R. G. Mure Actor Ambassador / Bridesman
H. M. D. Parker Actor Peasant
Charles Hubert Hastings Parry Composer
Emily Penrose Costume Designer
R. H. Thornton Actor Theorus
E. G. Underwood Actor Nicarchus
Venue Festival Dates Notes
New Theatre, George Street, New Theatre, Victoria Theatre (Oxford, County of Oxfordshire, England) 18 February, 1914 to 24 February, 1914

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