Oedipus Tyrannus (1968)

Original id: 
Start date: 
12 June 1968
End date: 
15 June 1968
Degree of relationship to ancient play: 
Original language
Media of production: 
Greek, Ancient (to 1453)

Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Philip Amphlett Actor Chorus
Richard Ashton Actor Oedipus
Richard Ashton Producer
Ranald Barnicot Actor Chorus Leader
Ian M. Black Director
Ian Blake Producer
Anne Connor Actor Attendant
Diana Cowen Actor Antigone
Paul Daniel Actor Chorus
Stephen Davies Actor Chorus
David Fletcher Actor Chorus
Duncan Fulton Actor Chorus
Gina Gowen Actor Ismene
Christopher Grieve Actor Priest
John Hare Actor Creon
Derek Indoe Actor Chorus
Chris Inge Actor Palace Messenger
Richard Jenkyns Actor Corinthian Messenger
Colin MacLeod Academic Adviser advised on the text
Robin Margo Actor Chorus
John Palmer Actor Attendant
Richard Price Composer
Shannon Redmayne Actor Jocasta
Alexis Sanderson Actor Theban Shepherd
Anthony Sheppard Actor Teiresias
Richard Stones Actor Chorus
Oliver Taplin Academic Adviser advised on the text
Chris Whetton Set
Chris Whetton Stage Manager
Alistair Whittle Actor Chorus
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Balliol College (Oxford, County of Oxfordshire, England) 11 June, 1968 to 14 June, 1968 in the Hall

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