Oedipus Rex (1962)

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Start date: 
24 May 1962
End date: 
26 May 1962
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Peter Archer Actor Priest
Shineen Evans-Pritchard Actor Attendant
Deirdre Evans-Pritchard Actor Child
Martin Friend Actor 2nd Messenger
Garry Gauss Actor Guide
David Horlock Actor Oedipus
David A. N. Jones Actor Chorus Leader
Mayotte Magnus Choreographer
John Marsh Set Designer
Geoff Martin Actor Creon
Roger Massie Actor Shepherd
Nicholas McCave Actor Teiresias
Mary Perman Actor Child
Peter Poulter Actor 1st Messenger
Margaretta Scott Actor Jocasta
Constantine A. Trypanis Director
Jonathan Varcoe Musical Director
Jonathan Varcoe Composer
Venue Festival Dates Notes
unknown venue (Oxford, County of Oxfordshire, England) 23 May, 1962 to 25 May, 1962 in the Clarendon Quadrangle
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