Medeia (1964)

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Start date: 
1 January 1964
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Production notes: 
Epikairotita (p.167-171) is not absolutely clear on which actors played the main roles in the numerous revivals and tours of this production: 1959-1964 (see ID 3418); in Spain in 1964 (see ID 2542); 1965-1966 (see ID 1534); 1967 (ID 2545).
Media of production: 
Greek, Modern (1453-)
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Kostas Kydoniatis Composer
Nikos Lykomitros Actor Aigeus / Kreon, the latter a shared role
E. Messiris Actor Kreon, a shared role
Titika Nikiforaki Actor Medeia, a shared role
Dimitris Rondiris Director
Loukia Sakellariou Choreographer
Elsa Vergi AKA Elsa Verghis Actor Medeia, a shared role
Elsa Vergi AKA Elsa Verghis
Antonis Xenakis Actor Iason
Venue Festival Dates Notes
unknown venue (Spanish State) 13 August, 1964 to 18 August, 1964

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