Menaechmi (1502)

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2 January 1502
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Performed before Pope Alessandro VI on the occasion of Lucrezia Borgia's departure for Ferrara where she was to be married to Alfonso d'Este. An allegorical piece, probably preceding the Plautus, featured representations of Fortune and Virtue (Virtù), "et facta contentione fra epse quale fosse superiore" (Miola, p.7). Gloria spoke in favour of the former, saying that Caesar and Heracles had conquered Fortune and mentioning also the many great deeds of the illustrious Lord Duca di Romagna. Then Hercules, dressed in a lion's skin, fought with and overcame Fortune, who though Juno's prayers was then freed by him. Rome grieves for the loss of Lucrezia, and Ferrare rejoices at her arrival. Mercury then imposes harmony on the two cities, affirming that this was the will of the gods. check refs Bonino, Il teatro Italian (I - 406; ii - 408-9); Sanesi, p.140 and 154, also p.143 for production ID 7977 (also Menaech in Italy this yr).
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