Oresteia (2022)

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8 July 2022
End date: 
13 August 2022
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Production notes: 
North American premiere of Robert Icke's 2015 Oresteia, ID 13794 (London, UK). Lia Williams was meant to reprise her role as Clytemnestra but had to be replaced before the start of the production due to injury. Performances alternated in repertory with Icke's Hamlet (10 June to 13 Aug): "allowing audiences to experience the throughlines and connections in these classic dramas—depicting two epic family sagas written over 2,000 years apart—performed by the same cast."
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Tia Bannon Actor Electra
Hildegard Bechtler Set & Costume Designer
Natasha Chivers Lighting Designer
Tom Gibbons Sound Designer
Anastasia Hille Actor Kyltemnestra
Robert Icke Director
Robert Icke Adaptor
Tim Reid Video Designer
Luke Treadaway Actor Orestes
Angus Wright Actor Agamemnon and Aegisthus
Hara Yannas Actor Cassandra
Venue Festival Dates Notes
Park Avenue Armory (New York City, New York, United States) 7 July, 2022 to 12 August, 2022
Source Format Location if held at the APGRD Pagination
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