External Forces (2022)

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21 May 2022
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22 May 2022
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External Forces: Greek Tragedy Travels to the 21st Century. A collection of six short plays: Isabella Estrada (by Tony Robinson, based on Aristophanes' Lysistrata, set in 1870 Old West, America); Medea (by Barbara White Morgan, based on Euripides' Medea, set in 2022 California); Juked (by Mildred Lewis, based on Sophocles' Electra, set in 1940 Mississippi Delta); Queen of Sorrows (by Madeline Daly Puccioni, based on Euripides' Hecuba, set in 1864, Civil War plantation in Georgia); Real Housewife of Trachis (by Dara Harper, based on Sophocles' Women of Trachis, set in Beverly Hills' mansion in summer 2021); The Fire Burns Deepest at Night (by Raymond Mitchell, based on Sophocles' Oedipus Rex, set in 1967 Detroit riots), with a Scene Transition Chorus written and directed by RJ Wayne. Towne Street Theatre production with A Noise Within.
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Melissa Kay Anderson
Melissa Kay Anderson Actor Medea (Medea); Scene Transition Chorus member
Amani Atkinson Actor Judah Iscariot (The Fire Burns Deepest at Night); Scene Transition Chorus member
Jacqueline Castañeda Actor Isabella (Isabella Estrada); Patrice (Medea)
Aron Cobb Actor Chorus (Isabella Estrada); Junior (Real Housewife of Trachis)
Major Culbert Actor Scene Transition Chorus member
Nancy Cheryll Davis-Bellamy AKA Nancy Cheryll Davis
Nancy Cheryll Davis-Bellamy AKA Nancy Cheryll Davis Producer
Nancy Cheryll Davis-Bellamy AKA Nancy Cheryll Davis Director dir. Isabella Estrada, Juked, and Medea
Shannon Foster Actor Themis (Juked); Polly [Polyxena] (Queen of Sorrows)
Justin Gubersky Actor Chorus (Isabella Estrada); General Aldous Bremerton (Queen of Sorrows)
Dara Harper Adaptor Real Housewife of Trachis
Kira Hoag Assistant Stage Manager
Kira Hoag Actor Iris (Real Housewife of Trachis)
Maricella Ibarra Actor Carol (Isabella Estrada); Maleah (The Fire Burns Deepest at Night)
Starina Johnson Actor Cynthia Bremerton (Queen of Sorrows)
Daphne Jones Actor Black Twitter (Medea); Cynthia (The Fire Burns Deepest at Night)
Tamara Koltes Actor Minerva (Isabella Estrada)
Mildred Inez Lewis Adaptor Juked
Mildred Inez Lewis
David Mac Sound Assistant Sound Designer
David Mac Actor Chorus (Isabella Estrada); Ron Kelly (The Fire Burns Deepest at Night)
Mack Miles Actor Aegeus (Medea); Solomon (The Fire Burns Deepest at Night)
Raymond Mitchell Adaptor The Fire Burns Deepest at Night
Alisa Murray Actor Lectra (Juked); Scene Transition Chorus member
Twon Marcel Pope Actor Black Twitter (Medea); Mason (The Fire Burns Deepest at Night)
Madeline Puccioni Adaptor Queen of Sorrows
Shaq Reeves Actor Jason (Medea)
Nancy Renee Costume Designer
Nancy Renee Producer
Kristina Roth Stage Manager
Kristina Roth Lighting Designer
Skylar Silverlake Actor Achilles (Queen of Sorrows); Scene Transition Chorus member
Teressa Taylor Actor Jewel (Isabella Estrada); Nestra (Juked); Diane (Real Housewife of Trachis)
Teressa Taylor Producer
Veronica Thompson Producer
Veronica Thompson Director dir. Housewife of Trachis, Queen of Sorrows, and The Fire Burns Brightly
R. J. Wayne Actor Creon (Medea); Herman (Real Housewife of Trachis); Langston (The Fire Burns Deepest at Night)
R. J. Wayne Writer Transition Chorus
R. J. Wayne
R. J. Wayne Director dir. Transition Chorus
Barbara White-Morgan Adaptor Medea
Venue Festival Dates Notes
A Noise Within Theatre (Pasadena, State of California, United States) 20 May, 2022 to 21 May, 2022 Two performances on May 21; one performance on May 22
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Towne Street Theatre Website: External Forces Webpage https://web.archive.org/web/20220609093615/https://www.townestreetla.org/externalforces
Performing Arts Live website: External Forces by Towne Street Theatre Webpage https://web.archive.org/web/20220609095124/https://www.performingartslive.com/Events/External-Forces-by-Towne-Street-Theatre-A-Noise-Within-
A Noise Within theatre website: External Forces Webpage https://web.archive.org/web/20220609095619/https://www.anoisewithin.org/play/external-forces-greek-tragedy-travels-to-the-21st-century/

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