Oedipus Rex (1957)

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17 May 1957
End date: 
18 May 1957
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Information related to this production

Person Role Notes
Carolyn Detwiler Actor Jocasta
Geraldine DiTullio Actor Priest
Mary Elting Dances
Marie Enders Scenographer
Alice Frischknecht Assistant Director
Peggy Gutman Actor Child of Oedipus
Paul Harris Director
Paul Harris Actor Teiresias
Alice Heinzman Costumes
Wilbur Hollman Music
Barbara Joan Bauer Actor Attendant to Creon
Harry Lantz Actor Oedipus
Nancy Laubach Actor Attendant to Jocasta
Barbara Logie Actor Attendant to Oedipus
Barbara Miller Actor Shepherd
Carol Moses Actor Second Messenger
Susie Senderowitz Actor Child of Oedipus
Franklin Sweetser Actor Creon
Anne Ten Eyck Actor First Messenger
Dorothy J. Thompson Actor Attendant to Oedipus
Gregory Weaver Actor Page to Teiresias
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